Road bike tour in Santiago del Teide, Tenerife. Cyclists enjoying the scenic route with mountains in the background.

BIKE TOUR SANTIAGO DEL TEIDE 2021Cycling among the colors of Tenerife

With our Road Bike Tour Tenerife “Santiago del Teide”, you will discover the Tenerife Santiago Valley cycling with your favourite road bike.

A Road Bike Tour Tenerife to the discovery of Santiago del Teide

The eponymous capital of the municipality of Santiago del Teide, which includes Puerto Santiago and Los Gigantes, is located 1000 m above sea level in the magnificent Valle de Santiago. Ride with us on Santiago’s Valley and explore the west coast of Tenerife, the giant rock formations of Los Gigantes, the canarian villages on the mountains, the historic little town of Santiago del Teide and its countryside, the moonlike landscape and the black volcanic rock of Arguayo.The bike is the best way to discover Tenerife. Thanks to the quality rental services offered by the staff of Cycling in Tenerife, specialized in bike rental, with this excursion we will go, cycling, to discover the most fascinating corners of the Canary Islands.An immersion in the landscape, a tour that, on request, can be customized according to your physical ability, with Easy, Medium or Expert options, with departures from different altitudes.


The departure of the tour (we will describe here the expert level “BIKE TOUR SANTIAGO DEL TEIDE,” which as mentioned can also be customized to make it easier, starting from a higher point) is from either your hotel or from the bike point of Cycling in Tenerife, located on the Adeje coast.We will move, therefore, either from our base point or from your hotel, first of all in the direction of Playa Fenabè – La Caleta, between the blue sea and green palm trees, for about a 3 km climb, with a gradient of 6%, until you leave the tourist center and reach the state road along a golf course.A fantastic climb and descent for about 12 km will take us towards Armenime – Playa San Juan, and then we embark on a climb of about 7 km, away from the tourist roads and surrounded by nature, between papaya plantations and bananas.This “Bananas” climb will take us to Guia de Isora, known for its 16th-century church of “Our Lady of Light.” Suspended between sea and green, we will continue our ride for about 5 km downhill towards Cueva del Polvo, until we can see at a distance Los Gigantes, the famous cliff of 700 meters overlooking the sea.From here we will start our climb divided into different stages.The first, of about 5 km, will take us to the municipality of Tamaimo; from here, it is another 6 km to Santiago del Teide, about 1000 meters above sea level, the scene – in 1909 – of the last lava eruption of the Chinyero volcano, and a tourist destination for lovers of good food, nature and ceramics.The last uphill stretch will be about 3 km towards Arguayo. After another 5 km, we will make our refueling stop at a local cyclists’ bar in Chios, where we will sample the Canarian fruit batido along with fresh seasonal fruit. The return to the base will be a fun downhill run of about 18 km.



90km / +2200mtPrice:110€ 1-3 people / WE RESERVE DISCOUNT FOR A GROUP

ClimbLa Caleta – Costa Adeje Golf Clu3 km*
Mixed PathArmenime – Playa San Juan12 km*
ClimbBanana’s climb7 km***
DownhillCueva del Polvo5 km*****
ClimbLos Gigantes – Tamaimo5 km****
ClimbTamaimo – Santiago del Teide6 km***
ClimbArguayo3 km****
DownhillArguayo – Chio4.5 km****
DownhilChio – Costa Adeje20 km**


For the entire duration of the excursion you will be accompanied and supported by qualified multilingual ENG / ITA / SPA guides. The price is to be considered per person, on an all-inclusive basis.

The All-Inclusive basis includes:

  • Professional light carbon road bike shimano ultegra group set 50-34 / 11-32
  • Accessories (helmet, repair kit);
  • ITA / ENG / SPA qualified guide
  • Pick-up / Drop-off at your hotel
  • Water, fruit or snacks.
  • Meeting point at your hotel
What to pack before departure?

We strongly recommend that you bring at least your personal clothing (shirt and shorts) with you and, if you have space in your suitcase, also pedal clips, shoes, helmet, windbreaker or vest. If this is not possible, you will have the opportunity to rent them from us upon notice.

What should I wear during my tour?

It is important that on your cycling tour you have the right clothing for the season and the altitude you intend to reach based on the description of the tour.

The minimum obligatory equipment necessary for the tour is:

  • sports clothing suitable for cycling
  • cycling shoes (we will provide the pedals) or hiking or similar closed shoes.
  • ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN: sandals or flip flops.
  • sunglasses to protect the eyes from insects and vegetation.
  • sun protection cream

It is possible to bring a change of clothes or a backpack to leave in the car if not necessary during the tour.

Is it possible to buy suitable clothing or equipment?

You will find at our bike point everything you need: outfits, jerseys, energy bars, water bottles, gloves, sunglasses.

Is it possible to request a home pick-up?

If you have no way of arriving independently at the starting point, we are able to offer pick-up and drop-off. Ask for a quote when booking.

Is it possible to request home delivery of the bicycle?

Certainly! If you have no way of getting to the shop independently, we are able to offer home delivery and collection of the bicycle, at a minimum cost of 10 euros within a radius of 10 km from our base.

What will be delivered to me with the bike when I rent it?

The bike will be delivered to you with a repair kit that includes tire remover levers, a new spare tube, a small pump, 2 bottle cages.

Is there any insurance that covers damage caused by me to the bicycle?

In Spain, in the Canary Islands, it is not possible to insure damage caused to bicycles during the rental, so you will be 100% responsible for damage caused or theft – even of accessories- of what is delivered to you upon signing the contract.

What equipment can I rent besides the bike?

We offer the possibility of renting – subject to confirmation during the booking phase – a vast assortment of equipment

  • Shoes from size EU 38 to EU 48 at a cost of 5 EUROS per day including pedals.
  • Helmets from size S to size XL at a cost of  3 EUROS for the entire duration of the rental
  • Pedals: Look Keo, Shimano spd-sl (street version plastic clips), Shimano spd (metal clips mtb version), Speedplay for 1 EURO per day
  • Handlebar phone holder for 1 EURO per day
  • Windproof jacket from S to XL for 2 EUROS per day
  • Bicycle specific backpack with different compartments for 2 EUROS per day
  • Parcel holder for 2 EUROS per day – Bicycle bags (of at least 15 liters each) for 3 EUROS per day
  • 8 pax minivan with driver / mechanic (ask for price when booking)
Will I be covered by insurance during the tour?

Yes, our company provides insurance coverage for customers who have an accident during the guided tour, as long as it is caused by a malfunction of the bike and not by misuse of the bicycle.

What temperatures will I encounter in Tenerife?

Tenerife is a very large island that has the Teide volcano as its highest point. It is almost always sunny for at least 10 months a year, but the difference in altitude exposes us to sudden changes in temperature, so to give specific forecasts for a given time of year is quite complicated. For a rough estimate, please refer to the local weather forecast site

When can I consider my booking confirmed?

After having confirmed all the details of your booking through our booking office, you will be sent an email requesting a deposit – via Pay Pal or Stripe – of a percentage of your total amount. Only after paying this deposit can you consider your request confirmed. It should be noted that the payment of the deposit does not need to be with Paypal or Stripe, and that credit or debit cards can also be used

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, our cancellation policy guarantees the customer a refund of the prepaid percentage during the booking phase in the following way: within 72 hours full refund, within 48 hours 50% refund – within 24 hours no refund.

Can I request a transfer for myself and the bike to the starting point of my excursion?

Thanks to our 8-seater minivan with bike transport trolley, we can transport you throughout Tenerife (request a quote when booking).

Is it possible to request a luggage transfer for my self-guided tour of Tenerife?

Yes, we are able to provide this service. We will take care of transporting any luggage that cannot be taken on the bikes during the tours. (request a quote when booking).