Why choosing our road bike hire Tenerife?

Tenerife has some of the best roads to discover, whether you are a passionate or a professional biker. So, why choosing our road bike hire Tenerife? It’s easy: we are the specialists. We chose the best bikes according to your needs, no matter your biking experience. Indeed, all our road bikes are Wilier Bikes, to guarantee you the best cycling tour experience in Tenerife. Moreover, our Tenerife rental is different from the others since we bring the bike to your hotel or house at the time you need. A black bike parked on a dirt road in the Tenerife woods

When choosing a road bike

If you dream to climb the Tenerife roads, then a road bike is the best option! Get ready for a cycling experience testing your endurance, because the peaks could be high. A road bike leaning against a pile of logs in Tenerife.

The best road bike tours in Tenerife

If you are looking for a bike experience, you can also choose one of our Bike Tours! Specifically, we recommend The Mount Teide Challenge or the Vilaflor Tour. In details, The Mount Teide Challange Tour is divided in South Teide and West Teide. When booking, you can choose the one you prefer or you could either do both. Also, the Vilaflor tour includes nice peaks. Indeed, Vilaflor is the highest village in Tenerife and Spain’s highest municipality. A man on a mountain bike conquering a peak, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.