A person riding a bicycle down a road at sunset near the best Bike Point in Tenerife.

Which is the best bike point Tenerife?

As you may already know, Tenerife is one of the favourite destinations for cyclists and bike passionate. The Island has some amazing routes, with unparalleled climbing, breathtaking landscapes, and great weather. Before your holidays, it’s good to know where is the best bike point Tenerife, since you may don’t what to lose time when you arrive on the Island. Whether you would like to try the hardest paths or you just want to choose a chilled one and enjoy the route, our Bike Rental Tenerife will help you choose the perfect bike for you. Moreover, we also deliver it to your hotel’s doorstep at the time needed. A person riding a bicycle down a road at sunset near the best Bike Point in Tenerife.

Get the perfect bike for you at our Garage in Tenerife!

If you already know which one you want, you can easily book your bike online. On the contrary, if you prefer to check them and have some advice from our expert team, you can come to our Garage in Tenerife. We are based on Av. Ernesto Sarti, 3, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Here, at our Bike Point Tenerife you will find the bike you need to explore Tenerife Island. Since we are a big cycling community we always love to share our cycling in Tenerife Experience. A bicycle parked in the grass at sunset in Tenerife

Why are we the best bike point in Tenerife?

Whether you need a mountain bike, a road bike or an ordinary beginner’s bike –all our bikes are equipped to the highest standards. Moreover, if you are looking for something that is more than a ride, you can check our Training camps or book one of our Bike Tours. Scenic view of two cyclists cycling on a dirt road in the countryside by BEST BIKE POINT TENERIFE.