Get to know Tenerife’s top 8 Cycle Paths in Tenerife

The island of Tenerife offers a great variety of spectacular cycle paths and trails. Here we show you our top 8 Cycle Paths in Tenerife, each one more thrilling than the other:

1. Green Mountains near Santiago

Tenerife’s best off-roads expects you

Starting in the small village of Erjos we follow the typical bends and turns of the Teno Massif in Tenerife’s West. With the dark silhouettes of the Monatana Negras in the East we follow our MTB trail through the green and densely wooded mountains of Santiago del Teide. One of the most suggestive cyle paths in Tenerife island. One of Tenerife's most beautiful cycle paths

2. Teide National Park

Soft downhill experience in Teide National Park

On the foothills of the Teide National Park we ride with our Willier MTBs from Parados towards the village of Charco del Pino. Following beautiful cycle paths in Tenerife’s South we collect vast views over colourful villages and blue coastlines in the distance. eide National Park: Majestic mountain peak with a cloud hovering above, creating a serene and captivating landscape

3. The Villages around El Medano

Cycling through Tenerife’s enchanting villages

Starting in the small and peaceful surfer village El Medano we cycle from the edge of the sea to the village of Charco. In the shadow of tree-seamed cycle paths in Tenerife we ride through old and nearly forgotten villages, discovering the old and original Tenerife. Scenic view of rocky terrain with volcano in El Medano, Tenerife

4. Coast from El Medano to El Poris

Cycling along Tenerife’s South coast

Starting in the marvellous coastal town of El Medano we ride North towards El Poris. To our left the flat foothills of the Teide National Park, to the right the deep blue sea we are promised an unforgettable cycling experience. A scenic beach in Tenerife with a prominent rock formation, ideal for cycling along the best cycle paths in El Medano and El Poris

5. Guanci Land

The ultimate mountain-bike challenge

From Erjos we follow the cycle route through the mythical “Guanci Land”, home of the ancient people of Tenerife. This ultimate MTB-experience challenges us to ford a river and cycle through the lunar landscape of Tenerife before we reach Santiago del Teide. That’s why we can call it one of the ultimate bike challange cycle paths in Tenerife. Scenic view of mountain range with trees, distant mountains. Guanci Land Tenerife

6. Vilaflor and Teide National Park

Meeting in Tenerife’s highest village

This bike trip starts at the top, at 1400 meters above sea level. From Vilaflor, Tenerife’s highest village we cycle through the fascinating pine forests and surreal landscapes of Teide National Park until we reach Charco del Pino. A picturesque town nestled on a hillside, adorned with houses and trees, surrounded by Vilaflor and Teide National Park.

7. Arico and the volcanic side

Experiencing Teide’s wild and spectacular side

Starting in Arico, this tour leads through one of the most exciting nature sites of Tenerife. Heading towards Charco del Pino we cycle through the Ring Forest near the big craters, getting a feeling of Tenerife’s wild volcanic site. Aerial view of a volcano with a mountain in the background, showcasing the volcanic side of Tenerife.

8.To the village of Masca

Cycling up to Tenerife’s famous mountain village

Various cycling tours lead up to Masca, a stunning mountain village at the foot of the Teno Mountains. The reward: 20 km downhill to Garachico and a fascinating scenery making the strenuous ascent worth its while. A winding road leads up to the majestic mountain in Masca village, offering a scenic and adventurous journey.