Best family cycling holidays Europe

Best family cycling holidays Europe
A family cycling holiday is great fun. During those special days, you will spend some unforgettable moments with your beloved. But, for the Best Family Cycling Holidays Europe, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right destination. If you are looking for active adventures for the whole family, the best option is a guided tour. However, depending on your needs, it could be interesting also to rent a bike. Like this, you will be able to travel at your peace and decide the routes. Either you prefer a tour or an individual program, we will help you book the best option for your family cycling holidays in Europe. A person standing next to a bike in a field, enjoying a family cycling holiday in Europe.

Guided tours or by yourself?

Safety is essential, and parents with young children could prefer cycle paths. On the other hand, every family has their own habits, and it could be difficult to match with others. First, let’s list the pros and cons of Guided Tours and Renting.

Guided Tours

Usually, tours are well-suited to family cycling. For the Best family cycling holidays Europe this could be an option. Moreover, some are specifically designed for families. While others are available for who is looking for a challenge. Also, thanks to a guided tour, you can discover the surroundings with the bike you prefer and in the way you desire. Generally, guided tours are suitable for all kind of bikers.

Renting service

Hire a Bike and choose your routes at your peace could be a valid alternative. Since with children sometimes is hard to organize and respect fixed timetables, planning your own routes may be the best option. Also, you can rent a bike from a wide selection. For instance, shops usually have from Road to Mountain bikes for expert cyclists. When you arrive, you can just collect the bike from the shop. Or, some shops deliver it to your house or hotel.

Best family cycling holidays Europe – Destinations

For families with children, the best destinations are easy routes that follow paths. Also, low-traffic lanes and back roads with cultural stop-off points such as castles, historic towns, or sandy beaches. If you are looking for a mild climate and beaches are not your thing, The Netherlands is your destination. With cycling routes in every city and the best transports, this Country is just the cyclists’ paradise. You can even choose to rent a different bike in every city you visit. On the other hand, for a family cycling holidays that include relaxing at the beach, we definitely suggest Tenerife. During the lasts years, Tenerife became one of the most attractive destinations for bikers. From road bikers, mountain bike riders to the ones who just want to relax. For families, the perfect choice is a road bike tour. And Tenerife offers a wide range of those. A family joyfully jumps into the ocean at sunset during the best cycling holiday in Europe.

Tenerife Bike Tours

A selection of easy and funny roads tracks will let you enjoy the nature of the island. From the nice and typical roads to reach the sea, you will spend amazing time with your family. Moreover, Bike Tours Tenerife offers suitable tours for all the bikers. First, you can take the Vilaflor Tour. During the ride, you will discover the nature and history of Vilaflor. With an altitude of 1400 m, Vilaflor is the highest village in Tenerife. So, breathtaking views and fantastic family pictures. As an alternative, you can also take the Masca Tour. Ride with us on Masca, a small mountain village located 650 mt above the sea. Also, you will discover the beautiful Teno Mountains. Contact us for your Best family cycling holidays Europe.