Best cycling holidays Spain

Best cycling holidays Spain

Spain is a really varied country. Mostly located on the Iberian Peninsula, its territory also includes the Canary and the Balearic Islands.

Some of the Best Cycling holidays Spain are from the “Camino di Santiago” (The Way of Saint James) to the archipelagos, Spain has several trails to offer. But also there is a perfect climate and the food is amazing.

Best Cycling Holidays Spain

First, there are several reasons why Spain is one of the top destinations for Cycling in Europe. Among those, the temperatures and the variety of landscapes. When considering the country, we also include the Canarian Islands and Tenerife.

Mainland is a mountainous country, dominated by peaks. Furthermore, it has wide streets and routes, ideal for road bikers. On the other hand, Islands have wild landscapes and more challenging roads.

Panoramic view of Spain building's rooftops

Cycling holidays Islands

Among the islands, Tenerife is the Best cycling holidays Spain destination. It has a unique beauty, with wild beaches, volcanic peaks, and banana plantations. Every year, it attracts over 5 million tourists. Also, it is the largest and the most populated of the seven Canary islands.

Notably, Mount Teide is the highest mountain peak in Spain. And, it is the third largest volcano in the world.

At Cycling Tenerife, we offer a variety of tours designed to show the beauty of this unique place. Or, you can also rent a bike, and take the ones you prefer. You can book and collect the bike from our garage. Or we can deliver it straight to your house or hotel.

A woman capturing the sunset behind her bicycle. Best cycling holidays Spain.

Cycling holidays continental Spain

Generally, the cities in Spain have nice and safe cycling routes. For your holidays, you could organize a bike tour at the discovery of the main cities.

Also, the “Camino de Santiago” trip is really interesting. Usually taken on foot, it’s funny also for cyclists. A step back in time, on wild routes, to peruse the well-preserved prehistoric stone.

From the beaches of Galicia, ending at the famous monastery. About the year 820, someone discovered the tomb of Santiago the Elder. Immediately, this place became the “locus Sancti Iacobi”. Today, the Monastery of Samos receives more than 30,000 per year.