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Domaines de formation

We offer customized solutions for your training camp in Tenerife, power tests and cycling tips to increase your power, special services for cyclists. Customize your training camp with help of our expert trainer, create the best training plan and personalize your tours. We will do our best to respond your request. Design and book your cycle coaching plan to win!


  • Cycling teams
  • Pro riders (elite UCI)
  • Young racer (juniors, under 23 etc.)
  • Amateur riders who train for international
  • races and Gran Fondo (masters)

Cycling performance tips

-Experienced trainer

-Altitude training on Teide

-Long distance training

-Power test FTP (functional thresold power) - powermeter required

-SFR workout: force resistance session (low cadence intervals)

-Aerobic and high cadence training session (to improve power and cadence) - VO2max intervals

-Cycling nutrition advices

-Efficient cycling technique

-Biomechanics solutions


Power test

For our athletes, Cycling in Tenerife organize tests for measure the power "zones" and optimize the specific workload. Power-meter is required: it could be used on you personal bike or assembled with one of our bike available for rent. It will be installed and calibrated once you'll get in Tenerife.


It will be always a pleasure to take a break in one of our restaurant or bar "cycling friendly".
Cycling in Tenerife organize for our bikers awesome excursions where you can practice some sport, taste typical products or just have a coffee!
Lunch, beverages and energy bars are included in the excursion's price.

Bike tours

Cycling in Tenerife allow you to discover this amazing island: we guarantee the perfect itinerary, purposely thought up to you!
Our experts guides will satisfy your needs, putting your safety first and they will be pleased to answer to all your questions!
Let us be your guide, we'll build together the holiday bike perfect for you!

Training camps

Tenerife has been selected, by bests professional teams, to organize the best training camp in order to be prepared for the most important athletic dates and events.
Cycling in Tenerife make available the best athletic trainers and customized training programs. Send us your request and we'll build together your personal training program.

Training plan

With the help of our personal trainers, Cycling in Tenerife offers you the chance to create together a perfect training program.
Let's send us your requests and we'll work out a training course and specified workloads to let you reach the best athletic condition and obtain the best performances ever!

Biomechanical solutions

Send us informations about your bike and body measures so we will be able to select the suitable bike for you in order to guarantee the best experience.
Choice the right "bike-size" is important to avoid physical problems.
We work to offer you the best comfort!

Motorpacing training

Cycling in Tenerife organizes motor-paced training session, a kind of training where is used a constant and extended load. You can decide if you want to do that on wavy trails, excellent to im- prove the power-resistance aspects, or to simulate the rhythm and the competition speed.


After an hard training it's important to include some legs massages as for detoxify muscles and optimize the rematch phase.
We'll entrust you muscles wellness to one of our experts masseur, so you'll always be able to use up the strain and be ready again for the next day!

Altitude training