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What is the best location for a hotel in Tenerife on my cycling holiday?

Discover Tenerife by Cycling

Are you an avid cyclist? Have you discovered that it’s always spring in Tenerife and you can cycle all year round? Are you planning your holiday in Tenerife but don’t know where to book your hotel? Welcome! here you can get all the info about it. If you don’t know where to book a hotel because you’ve […]

Mount Teide Cycling, the best cycling routes

Mount Teide Cycling, the best cycling routes - CYCLING IN TENERIFE

Mount Teide Cycling routes are really famous among bikers who come in Tenerife for their cycling holidays. In fact, Tenerife is perfect for bike sports and Excursions. That’s because of the natural morphology of the island. Tenerife is a volcanic island, officially part of the Spanish territory. Although, it is physically located on the North West of the African Coast. For this reason, the natural landscape is really wild and unspoiled.